IAAI Fire Investigators

February 28, 2018

President’s Message

The Ohio Chapter of the IAAI has a long history of being a dominate Chapter of the International community. Many leaders have come from this Chapter and have gone on to lead the fire investigation service on a worldwide level. Currently we have a member on the Board as well as one serving as International President. It is my goal to stay in touch with President Bennett and to keep Ohio in the minds of the IAAI Board.

The recent past has had Chapter leadership that has focused on training. Bringing classes and meeting the certification needs of its members. This will continue not only with the current Board but, I feel, with many Boards to come. The industry is ever evolving, the Board of the Ohio Chapter has the obligation to stay current and keep its members informed of the changes. As a Chapter member it is also your obligation to stay informed and to share information with peers and colleagues.

Past President VanDorpe was successful in completing the website project. It is now being updated and will continue to be updated on a regular basis. This tool will provide the Chapter Membership a tool designed especially for communication. Along with emails, the posting of information regarding training and important Chapter announcements will be found there. Focus on continuing with the communication theme, social media will be addressed and utilized in the near future. Once established, getting on board with the sites will only benefit you as a Chapter Member.

On a personal note, I have served on the Board of the Ohio Chapter from most of my career in Fire Investigation. This is my third term as your President. When I joined the Chapter, long term members took the time to help me develop as a Fire Investigator. Networking and assistance was always available. As I look at the recent Boards, I see many of the same faces. I also see those who I have worked with for years and were at the novice level with me years ago. It is our role now to encourage those entering the field and to mentor those needing direction.

We must be available for those in need of assistance and to always remember when we were in their position. One thing that I have always been aware of, we must be open minded and learn from those just entering the field. They are the future of the industry and are more in touch with the changes being introduced. They have not had the chance to establish bad habits and will be on the forefront proving the old theories to be wrong. They will have science and technology that will be easier to understand.

As a collective we will be a better organization. To be an organization we must all be involved. I ask, no I challenge you as a Member to get involved. Each year we need Board members and Leadership. Do not be afraid to get involved. If you want to serve the Chapter, stand up. You do not have to wait to be nominated. If you want to be involved contact me or any of the Board members, we will make sure you are in the mix to get on the ballot. The time commitment is not that extensive, but the organization commitment and the value to your career will be.

Each year the Chapter recognizes its members. There are many of you that work with people who are dedicated and deserving of recognition for their efforts. Whether it is group of people or an individual, consider nominating them for that recognition. Submit your photos for the Photography Awards. More importantly take advantage of the scholarships that are available, through the Chapter and through the IAAI. If you need information about any of these means of recognition, feel free to contact me.

In closing, I ask that you get involved. Commit to your organization, your chosen field and more directly to your own personal development.

Robert C. Cabral OFE, IAAI-CFI, CI, ECT
Ohio Chapter of the IAAI


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