President’s Message

Welcome to the Ohio Chapter of the International Association of Arson Investigators. I would like to formally thank all the individual members that voted for me to become the President of the chapter for 2024 and to Past President Jeff Koehn for the previous leadership of this great organization. As 2024 President, I will continue to focus our organization on providing top-notch training and education throughout the entire State of Ohio.  I also serve as Co-Chair of training for the IAAI and will work with the current Ohio Board members to bring the quality training that the IAAI offers to our Ohio members.


Chris Ellis

2024 Board Member Election Results

The 2024 Elections have been completed. The four 2024 Board members selected for 3-year terms are:

  • Brian Peterman
  • Frank Reitmeier
  • Randy Kimbro
  • Thomas Beers

Also elected were:

  • Tim Schreadley – 1st Vice President
  • Richard Casto – 2nd Vice President

Thank you to everyone who voted in the elections.

Jeff Koehn
2023 President, Ohio IAAI

Chris Ellis
2024 President-Elect, Ohio IAAI

The Ohio IAAI presents annual awards for photography in two (2) categories with the first and second-place awards to be presented at the annual Ohio IAAI conference held each November. The categories are:

  • Arson photographs (color)
  • Accidental and/or Training photographs (color)

Please refer to the Awards page for more details on this and other awards.

Arson Photography Winner 2024

Residential structure under construction.

Accidental Fire Photography Winner 2024

Residential structure, teenager’s bedroom caused by a make-up mirror.


Upcoming training opportunities in Ohio and through the International office.

Expert Witness Courtroom Testimony

November 28-30, 2023

Scarlet Oaks Public Safety
200 Scarlet Oaks Drive
Sharonville, OH 45241

The Expert Witness Courtroom Testimony course walks you through what it’s like to prepare for and testify as an expert witness in a real case. During the class, you will spend time with actual attorneys giving your deposition, preparing for your testimony, as well as spending the day in a real courtroom environment where you will take the stand for direct and cross-examination.

The classroom portion includes Legal System Overview; Court Rules and Case Law; Qualifying as an Expert and Standing by Your Curriculum Vitae; and How to Write and Present Your Opinion Analysis.

The court preparation portion includes The Practical Exercise; Court Exhibits: How to Present and What Should be Included; Presentation of Evidence: Best Practices; and Working with an Attorney.

This course meets the testimony requirement for IAAI-CFI® (IAAI-Certified Fire Investigator) application.


Work Experience: A minimum of four years of full-time or five years of part-time general experience in the fire investigation industry.

Specific Work Experience: A minimum of seven fire scenes where you were the lead Origin & Cause Investigator.

Able to meet all the requirements of the IAAI-CFI® application except for the expert witness testimony requirement.

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